Leasing has never been so easy

LeaseTeq is your fully digitalized leasing provider in Switzerland – simple, digital and confidential.

Convenient and fast application process

The application can be completed completely digitally in about 15 minutes.

Paperless and environmentally conscious

All the necessary information and documents can be entered online, allowing LeaseTeq to issue a leasing contract immediately.

Maximum discretion and security

We work with reputable partners to confirm your identity and creditworthiness and sign the contract digitally.

Leasing application
made easy

Customer testimonials

With LeaseTeq everything is super fast and uncomplicated. My contract has already been approved.
Mario B.
Customer from Ticino
I have never concluded a leasing contract that easily!
Beat H.
Customer from Baselland
Sign a leasing contract within 15 minutes? With LeaseTeq you can. I'm excited!
Daniela S.
Customer from Zurich

Our partners

Our clients

Our clients include Swiss private individuals and companies who want to be smart about their mobility. Leasing is an attractive form of financing with many advantages.

Do you have any questions?

Leasing is an attractive way of financing vehicles. To ensure that the joy of owning a new vehicle starts early, we offer a simple, completely digital process. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the automotive industry, which we use to focus on what really matters. Only LeaseTeq is digital, fast, innovative, precise, sustainable, discreet and close.

Our leasing application process is completely digital. The applicant goes through five phases, which help us to evaluate the creditworthiness. In cooperation with our renowned partners, we ensure eligibility for a loan and draw up the contracts for your leased vehicle. And all this in only about 15 minutes.

  1. Leasing details
    Here the applicant defines his leasing preferences, such as the amount of the down payment, residual value, etc.. This forms the basis for the tailor-made leasing offer.
  2. Personal details
    In this phase we need the applicant’s personal details in order to be able to issue the leasing contract accordingly.
  3. Income
    An analysis of your financial situation is mandatory for the approval of a leasing application in Switzerland. For this reason, we require an overview of your active and passive income.
  4. Expenditure
    Analogous to the income, we also need information about your personal expenses in order to evaluate your personal financial situation.
  5. Verification & identity check
    This step is necessary to correct any errors you may have made in the previous steps. We ask you to check the information you have entered again and confirm that it is correct.
    You will then be forwarded to our partner for identification of your identity.
  6. Send confirmation
    In a final step, we confirm receipt of the application and create your personal leasing contract.

Normally, the entire process only takes around 15 minutes. If the application process is started outside of regular business hours, the identification procedure, for example, must be completed later.

Of course, we try to complete the process as quickly as possible so that you can soon drive your dream car. Additionally, you should consider the delivery times of the manufacturer. This can be several months for a newly ordered vehicle.

We are aware of our responsibility in handling sensitive personal data. The personal data you provide during the application process will only be used to check your creditworthiness and to draw up your leasing contract.

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