Leasing has never been so easy

LeaseTeq is your fully digitalized leasing provider in Switzerland – simple, digital and confidential.

Convenient and fast application process

The application can be completed completely digitally in about 15 minutes.

Paperless and environmentally conscious

All the necessary information and documents can be entered online, allowing LeaseTeq to issue a leasing contract immediately.

Maximum discretion and security

We work with reputable partners to confirm your identity and creditworthiness and sign the contract digitally.

Leasing application
made easy

Customer testimonials

With LeaseTeq everything is super fast and uncomplicated. My contract has already been approved.
Mario B.
Customer from Ticino
I have never concluded a leasing contract that easily!
Beat H.
Customer from Baselland
Sign a leasing contract within 15 minutes? With LeaseTeq you can. I'm excited!
Daniela S.
Customer from Zurich

Our partners

Our clients

Our clients include Swiss private individuals and companies who want to be smart about their mobility. Leasing is an attractive form of financing with many advantages.

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